Water Quality Training Course

19-21 March 2017 – Drinking Water and Sanitation Unit (DWSD)
The workshop was sponsored by:
• UNESCO -Khartoum office.
• UNESCO chair for women in sciences and technology.
• Drinking water and sanitation unit (training center).
• UNESCO category II Regional Center for Water Harvesting.
• National Commission for Education, Sciences and Culture.
And the workshop targeted mainly females engineers, technicians and professionals in water sector for different institutions focusing on those whom are working in states away from the capital. They are really need to know more about water quality. The diversity of the participants with accordance to the institutions and places they represent, was an adding value to the workshop. As a valuable knowledge was gained from their own experiences with water quality problems and issues in their respective regions. The workshop contented presentation session about drinking water safety, water treatment technologies and water quality assurance and quality control. Practical session for biological contamination analysis (about Total Coliform/E. coli Indicator Bacteria Test Kit) and a site visit to Almanara drinking water supply station were part of the training.