Training Course on: Principles of Groundwater Flow and Modeling

The Regional Center for Capacity Development and Research in Water Harvesting (RCWH) will hold a training course in the field of groundwater flow and modeling ,That will be in September 2020, taking into account the social distancing and the protocol of the Federal Ministry of Health in force in Sudan in dealing with the Corona pandemic

The course will be attended by a group of engineers from the Ministry with its various branches

This  course  provides  a  review  of  the  basic  concepts  of  groundwater  flow,  its  governing  mathematical  equations  and  the  numerical  techniques  used  to  solve them as well the types of aquifers and groundwater basins in Sudan. The course  will also present the steps needed to characterize and  develop conceptual models  for aquifers in general using real cases from Sudan.

The training course will be held at the Building of the center in Araak City, Building No. 237 , Madani Street  ,  the course duration is 2 weeks