Towards sustainable operation, maintenance, and management systems of water harvesting facilities in Sudan

Under the research activities, the RCWH and Dams Implementation Unit of the Ministry of Water Resources Irrigation and Electricity  conducted an expert meeting in titled “Towards sustainable operation, maintenance, and management systems of rural water harvesting facilities in Sudan” by a wide participation of experts from Drinking water supply, Decision makers from Federal and State levels , End user and NGOs professionals in fields related to Water Harvesting and Ground Water. 70 water professionals from different states of Sudan discussed different issues of Water Harvesting.

Expert meeting objectives

  • Exploring the water facility management system practiced in the rural areas of Sudan and their pros and cons through the investigation of:
    • Laws and legislations
    • Water Tariff
    • Institutional setup
    • Administrations Hierarchy of water facilities
  • Reflection on the best practice of water facility management (Community Participation)
  • Design of an appropriate administrative system for water harvesting facilities.

Technical sessions

  • Laws and legislations for Water Harvesting and other water issues
  • Water tariff and Water Economy
  • Institutional setup and administrative hierarchy of water facilities
  • Best practices of water facilities management (community participation)
  • Group work for modelling scenarios for Water Harvesting and selecting optimal scenario

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