The Importance of Safe and Effective Agricultural Practices to Enhance Production Efficiency and Productivity in Sudan (Effective Microorganisms Technology)

9th August, 2022, RCWH

The main aim of this forum was to introduce the attendees to the technology of Effective microorganism (EM) and its importance in agricultural, drinking water treatment, waste water treatment and many other various fields.

The workshop for this forum was attended by 25 participants representing the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources, the UNESCO Chair in Water Resources and the agricultural research Centre, senior and mid-career Experts’, professionals from academia and the university of Gedarif (who attended virtually through zoom). 

The outcomes of this training course were:

  • The importance of using the EM technology in the treatment and recycling of wastewater in Sudan and Benefiting from previous studies.
  • The significance of introducing this technology to farmers throughout Sudan
  • Further scientific research on the application of EM technology in Sudan is necessary to gain a complete image of: cost analysis, application rates, correct doses, and its impact on humans, possible economic return as well as to obtain clear and concise guidelines for its application in different fields.
  • Adapting peaceful use application to the modelling for enhancing production and productivity
  • Paying attention to the produced treated water in order to enhance the livelihood of rural communities through applying water harvesting technique.