Experts Meeting of the Research Project: Water Resources Assessment – Eastern Sudan

June 21, 2022. The Grand Holiday Hotel

Objectives: The meeting aimed to present and validate the findings and outcomes of the research project “Water resources Assessment – Coastal Area of Red Sea State”, involving the surface water of the Wadis flowing to the Red Sea, and the groundwater aquifer of Baraka basin in Delta Tokar. The project aims to investigate the possibility of solving the ever-going water supply problem through the conjunctive use of the surface and groundwater resources in the State.

Participants: The meeting was attended by 100 participants from Khartoum and Red Sea States.


  • The need of preparing comprehensive plan for groundwater management of Baraka basin, also its Management for domestic and livestock needs should be done carefully, as it is a fragile resource.
  • Importance of the preparation of a strategic plan that integrates all water resources solutions in the area, considering the socio-economic and environmental aspects which are vital to the sustainability of the project.
  • The significance of using simple methods for rainfall-runoff estimations to bridge the gap of data availability, and searching new sources of data to solve the problem of data limitation (e.g., open-source data, installing gauge stations and monitoring networks),
  • Development of policies and legalizations to protect the fragile water resources of the study area (especially groundwater),
  • Further investigations for the impact of climate change on the availability of water in Red Sea state,
  • Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in Toker.
  • Follow an integrated approach for the implementation plan of the project (multi-disciplinary stakeholders), Resources mobilization (financial and human resources), Inventory of existing design and structures, Preparation of financial and technical proposals.