Development of a Course on Water Education Targeting Rural Youth in Sudan and Launching Workshop

17April 2017 Bashier hall, Electricity

In 2017, the UNSECO Khartoum office together with their national partners from the Ministries and Research Institutions; developed an initiative for Capacity Building course on Water Education for Rural Youth in Sudan with reference to the IHP VIII theme of “water education, key for water security”. The discussion with partners concluded the following series of activities aiming to develop and disseminate awareness on water issues for Rural Youth in Sudan.

The first step of the program was the brainstorming workshop to develop the course draft, where this report summarizes and brief on this step. Then, the following steps were:

Development of the course content and ToT materials →

Build the capacity of the teachers involved in the pilot study →

Pilot the developed course →

Finalize the course content and ToT materials based on the pilot outcome →

Printing Final Material, Launching Workshop and publication of the course.

The UNESCO Khartoum Office looks forward for National and International partnership to implement all steps necessary to develop the planned Water Education Course for Rural Youth in Sudan.