Design and Construction of Water Harvesting Projects

21 May-5 Jun 2017- Water Research Center, University of Khartoum
The course was organized by the Water Research Center / University of Khartoum. One of the most important centers that the RCWH have signed a memorandumof understanding (MoU)-. The course included lectures about the design and construction of the water harvesting facilities represented as dams and Hafiers in Sudan. The main topics taught in the course can be summarized as follows:
• Introduction to water harvesting facilities.
• Experience and potential of Sudan in the water harvesting.
• Studies for the design of water harvesting facilities.
• GIS uses in water harvesting projects.
• Hydrological studies required for design.
• Design of Cumulus dams.
• Introduction to specifications and quality assurance.
• Hydraulic design of spillways.
• Causes of failure and collapse of water harvesting projects in Sudan.
• Design of water treatment plants related to the Hafiers.
• Design of water harvesting projects for agriculture and drinking.
• Design of Hafiers .
• Practical applications for the design of water harvesting projects.
• Geotechnical studies and soil specifications.
• Water Harvesting and artificial feeding.