WH and Zero Thirst Project



DIU signs agreements to provide equipment for Zero Thirst Project

Sudan First Vice President, H.E Bakri Hassn Salih has attended the signing ceremony for providing drills and construction materials of the projects that will be implemented by Dams Implementation Unit (DIU) in 13 states across Sudan with a total cost of $ 120 million provided by Saudi Development Fund.

Dams Implementation Unit General Director and State Minister for Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity Eng. Khadier Gasm Al Seid signed for DIU while representatives of the contracting companies signed for their entities.

The funded projects includes constructing 3 dams, drilling 1000 wells, 180 water yards, 19 water stations. The material will be provided by Arab and Italian companies and the implementation duration is 7 to 13 months.

The Minister of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity,  Mutaz Musa, said that DIU gives great attention to providing water to  people and help creating stability and development all over Sudan.

It is to be noted that these projects are part of Zero Thirst initiative announced by the President of the Republic.



Sudan’s Minister of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity, Mutaz Musa, has pledged to increase efforts in implementing Zero Thirst Initiative projects. The minister said, while briefing the Ministry’s staff, that Dams Implementation Unit has played a great role in implementing infrastructure projects all over Sudan.

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