The water community (networks)


  1. National IWRM network

It’s under the establishment of UNESCO chair for water resources.


Regional (African and Arab countries)

  1. African civil society network on water and sanitation

  1. The Africa Water and Sanitation Local Authorities (AWASLA) Network

  1. NEPAD Networks of Water Centres of Excellence

  1. Africa Groundwater Network (AGW-Net)


  1. Middle East and North Africa Network of Water Centers of Excellence


  1. The Arab Water Council

  1. Arab Integrated Water Resources Management Network (AWARENET)






  1. Freshwater Action Network– grassroots influencing on water and sanitation



  1. International network of basin organizations


  1. The Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN)



  1. Safe water network



  1. International Water Association


  1. Global Water Partnership (GWP)



  1. Blue Planet Network


  1. Global Water Challenge (GWC)


  1. Oxford Water Network


  1. Global Water Leaders


Networks related to water harvesting


  • National Water Harvesters Network


  • RAIN



  • The International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance