CBM Validation Workshop 29 September 2020 Police House – Khartoum

Within the framework of the ongoing research study about “Development of a community-based Management system for sustainable water harvesting facilities in the rural areas of Sudan “shortly known as (CBM) project, undertaken by the Research Department of the Regional Center for Capacity Development and Research in Water Harvesting(RCWH) and AKSAD for Engineering and Consultancy, and after the completion of the research’s reports a validation workshop was conducted on 29 September 2020 at the Police House, Khartoum.

The workshop  was honored by a wide participation of experts in the field of rural water. More than 30 participants representing experts from drinking water supply, decision makers from Federal and State levels, professionals from the academia, end users, NGOs and the private sector. They discussed thoroughly the final draft report that was presented in the first session. The second session was group work to come up with a framework for engaging the community in the management of the water facilities. The recommendations and group work output were later included in the final report.