Capacity Development and Training

The Center’s Capacity Development Department is mandated to conduct training courses that help to build the capacity in the field of water harvesting locally and regionally.

The functions of the centre in this field cover national and regional activities to raise awareness and knowledge  on water harvesting, through achieving:

  • Monthly Seminar;
  • Training workshops;
  • Online courses/ virtual training;
  • Web-Forum discussion; and
  • International conferences.

 G-WADI and water harvesting – planned workshop:

This upcoming workshop is a one of the regional workshops series offered by the UNESCO Category II Regional Center for Capacity Building and Research in Water Harvesting. These workshops are part of the center’s capacity building program in water harvesting that targeting professionals from the region and especially from the African and Arab G-WADI network.The aim of this workshop is to give the participants all the information about the G-WADI network and its activities and the role it will play in improving the water harvesting projects in the region.